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All dishes listed are those that I am confident I can make, so you know you are not just getting any old dishes. They are all inspired by my Jamaican born and New York City bred background. All are well seasoned, sometimes spicy but always made with care and pride. The ingredients are rich and made of full fat butter, cheeses, milk, and spices, (oftentimes imported), to assure I am giving you the authentic taste I have grown to love. I cook with little to no table salt, but oftentimes use seasoning with a salt base such as a garlic salt. Please reconsider ordering if you have digestive issues or ask me about some methods for preparing your stomach to eat this kind of meal.

Things I don’t specialize in: I am not a vegetarian cook, but I do make some non-meat dishes. I do not specialize in pies, cakes or other baked goods. Baking is a science that I am not ready for.

Please allow two weeks lead time for all requests.

Requests with less than the two weeks lead may incur a 20/hour upcharge.


In person catering rates:

40/per hour with a 10 hour minimum plus the cost of food. This rate is for one cook and for small events/parties. For larger events please inquire

I am able to easily cater for 50-100 people. Food is prepared in my kitchen or a prep kitchen where available. I have a red card, two fridges, a deep freezer and use different utensils and pots for catering which are separate from my daily use

I wear gloves, cover my hair and wear a mask if I know I will be speaking around the food.



If you are allergic to items such as nuts, bananas (this incl. plantains) or do not eat pork products you must inform me. I may fry in peanut oil (which is not the same as using other peanut products) lard and use peanut butter in some dishes.




The Jamerican catering menu

Black American and Jamaican food for the soul.

To see the current menu and order, visit thejamerican.de